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Zsh Git Smart Commands

Wrappers for git commands to be efficient in the shell

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Wrappers for common git commands so they can be used in aliases very efficiently.

All commands come with default git completion.



zgen load seletskiy/zsh-git-smart-commands


With arguments same as git commit -m. Without arguments behaves like git commit -v.

Also, removes necessity of quotes around commit message.

alias c='git-smart-commit'

Then, commits can be done via:

c my supper commit message

Autocompletion always works:

c my blah blah --am<TAB>
# ==> c my blah blah --amend

Note: quotes are not mandatory now.


alias a='git-smart-add'

Without arguments will add all files in the repo to the index. Otherwise will act as specified in commmand line.


alias p='git-smart-push seletskiy'

Seek for remote named as first argument, and if it is found, then push changes to that remote.

Otherwise push to origin.


alias u='git-smart-pull'

If working directory is dirty, then first stash changes, pull remote and pop changes back.


alias r='git-smart-remote'

If repo do not have remote yet, will add new remote named origin with url specified as first argument.