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Zsh Fzf History Search

A simple zsh plugin that replaces Ctrl+R with an fzf-driven select which includes date/times.

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zsh/fzf History Search

zsh-fzf-history-search plugin screenshot

A simple zsh plugin to replace Ctrl-r with an fzf-driven, searchable list of history.

Pull requests always appreciated!




Add this to ~/.zshrc:

# zsh-fzf-history-search
zinit ice lucid wait'0'
zinit light joshskidmore/zsh-fzf-history-search


Clone the repository inside your oh-my-zsh repo:

git clone ${ZSH_CUSTOM:=~/.oh-my-zsh/custom}/plugins/zsh-fzf-history-search

Enable it in your .zshrc by adding it to your plugin list:

plugins=(… zsh-fzf-history-search)

Configuration Variables

Variable Description
ZSH_FZF_HISTORY_SEARCH_BIND Keybind to trigger fzf reverse search (default: '^r')
ZSH_FZF_HISTORY_SEARCH_FZF_ARGS Arguments for fzf (might be updated, not recommended to override) (default: '+s +m -x -e')
ZSH_FZF_HISTORY_SEARCH_FZF_EXTRA_ARGS Extra arguments for fzf (default: '')


  • use fzf's keybindings for additional functionality (remove specific history item, clear history, etc) while keeping plugin's simplicity in mind (issue)
  • better documentation (issue)