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Zsh Emojis

Variables for numerous ascii emojis!

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ZSH Emojis

Contains numerous ascii emojis stored as shell variables.

$ echo $em_shrug

All emoji variables start with em_ to make them easily identifiable with tab-completion in your shell.

On linux you can echo the variables straight into your clipboard with xsel package.

$ echo $em_shrug | xsel -i -b

You can easily see a list of current ascii emojis within the emojis.plugin.zsh file.

:tada: Contributions are welcomed! :tada:


zsh-emojis is really easy to install using antigen. Just add the following command to your .zshrc file

antigen bundle MichaelAquilina/zsh-emojis

Same applies to installing from zgen

zgen bundle MichaelAquilina/zsh-emojis