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Zsh Easy Motion

Vim's easy-motion for zsh

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This plugin brings Vim's easy-motion plugin to zsh. It is inspired by zce.zsh. Unfortunately, zce.zsh only supports the seek operation of easy-motion so I have started my own implementation that adds much more easy-motion movements. Currently, the following motions are supported: b, B, w, W, e, E, ge, gE, j, J, k, K f, F, t, T, c (camelCase).


This plugin needs Python 2.7 or 3.3+. You can check your installed Python version with

python --version

If you are running a recent Linux distribution or macOS, an appropriate Python version should already be installed.


Press the configured prefix key (for example space) in vi command mode and enter a vi motion command. Possible jump targets are highlighted by red letters. Press one of the highlighted letters to jump to the corresponding position directly.

This plugin also works in operator-pending mode.


If more jump targets exist than configured target keys, targets will be grouped and a second key press is needed to determine the jump target (see the demo for an example). Groups always contain a preview of the next key which is needed to reach the target position. The grouping works exactly like the grouping mechanism in Vim's easymotion plugin.

The grouping algorithm works recursively, so grouping is repeated if necessary. However, that case should only occur if a small set of target keys was configured.


Target keys

The target keys can be configured with the EASY_MOTION_TARGET_KEYS environment variable. The default is taken from the Vim default configuration value:


You can configure as many keys as you want (minimum two keys).


The color of dimmed and highlighted text can be configured by setting four environment variables. These are the default settings:


These settings were used in the demo:


Visit the zsh docs for a description of possible highlights and for a listing of possible color codes.

Other plugins

If you like this plugin and use tmux, please also try my tmux easy-motion port: tmux-easy-motion.