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Zsh Docker Run

Run your favourite commands naturally, with Docker

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Run commands naturally, forgetting all about Docker

Run commands "naturally" without having them installed, using Docker.


As we adopt Docker more, we install a whole lot less on our machines. Instead of installing node, php, ruby - we pull their latest Docker images. This means that simple commands, such as npm install and irb become more cumbersome, such as:

docker run --rm -it --entrypoint=irb ruby:latest

It'd be much better if we could work as we used to, keeping our simple commands. Your first thought might be "use an alias" … but we want to be better than that. What if we're inside of a project that's using docker-compose and we want to update our node packages?

Normally, this is just npm update; but instead, we now need to use docker-compose run --rm node npm update

Using this plugin, we can detect these situations for you. Go back to using npm update. Just add a simple function and call run_with_docker :smile:


Install this plugin with your favourite zsh plugin manager, I use zplug:

# For zplug
zplug "rawkode/zsh-docker-run"

Now all you need to-do is add some functions to your .zshrc file:

function example {
  run_with_docker "image_name" "image_tag" "command" $@

function npm {
  run_with_docker "node" "alpine" "npm" $@

More Examples

function elixir() {
  run_with_docker "elixir" "latest" "elixir" $@

function iex() {
  run_with_docker "elixir" "latest" "iex" $@

function mix() {
  run_with_docker "elixir" "latest" "mix" $@

function go() {
  run_with_docker "golang" "latest" "go" $@

function php() {
  run_with_docker "php" "latest" "php" $@

What's Next?

  • [ ] I'd like to provide a simpler interface, replacing functions with a map?
  • [ ] Possibly provide a bunch of defaults, enabling the more popular commands