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Zsh Command Note

OH-MY-ZSH Plugin: A simple command reminder tool

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ZSH Plugin: A simple command reminder tool


A simple oh-my-zsh plugin to record some complex command and comment on that. It's a little bit better than kind of NoteBook softwares, for it's a native one.


$ git clone ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/zsh-command-note

add zsh-command-note to ~/.zshrc plugin list.


# list all commands
$ s -list

# list single command
$ s -list xxx

# add a command
$ s -add

# edit a command
$ s -edit xxx

# remove a command
$ s -remove

# execute a command
$ s xxx


  • [x] auto compeletion
  • [ ] more convient features
  • [ ] command group support