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Zsh Change Case

Plugin for fast swap between upper and lower case in your command line. (ZSH-only)

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ZSH Change Case Plugin

Table of contents

  1. Instalation
  2. Antibody plugin manager
  3. Using Git
  4. Usage


Antibody plugin manager

To install using Antibody, just add this in your ~/.zshrc:

# your .zshrc file
antibody bundle mtxr/zsh-change-case

Using Git

Install zsh-change-case by cloning the repository:

$ git clone ${HOME}/.zsh-change-case

After cloning, just laod it to your ~/.zshrc adding this line:

# your .zshrc file
. ${HOME}/.zsh-change-case


I recomend you to use the following bindkeys (inspired by VSCode and Sublime Text):

  • Ctrl+K + Ctrl+U to uppercase
  • Ctrl+K + Ctrl+L to lowercase
bindkey '^K^U' _mtxr-to-upper # Ctrl+K + Ctrl+U
bindkey '^K^L' _mtxr-to-lower # Ctrl+K + Ctrl+L

In case of trouble, you probably need to unbind Ctrl+K. Just add this before the bindings you will use:

bindkey -r '^K'