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Zsh Autocomplete

Real-time type-ahead completion for Zsh. Asynchronous find-as-you-type autocompletion.

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zsh-autocomplete adds real-time type-ahead autocompletion to Zsh. Find as you type, then press Tab to insert the top completion, ShiftTab to insert the bottom one, or ā†“/PgDn to select another completion.


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Other Features

Besides live autocompletion, zsh-autocomplete comes with many other useful completion features.

Optimized completion config

Zsh's completion system is powerful, but hard to configure. So, zsh-autocomplete does it for you, while providing a manageable list of configuration settings for changing the defaults.

Live history search

Press CtrlR or CtrlS to do live, multi-line history search.


History menu

Press ā†‘ (or Altā†‘ or PgUp) to open a menu with the last 16 history items. If the command line is not empty, then the contents of the command line are used to perform a fuzzy history search.

history menu


Press CtrlSpace in the completion menu or the history menu to insert more than one item.


Recent dirs completion

Works out of the box with zero configuration, but also supports zsh-z, zoxide, z.lua, rupa/, autojump and fasd.

recent dirs

Key Bindings

On the command line:

Key(s) Action Widget
Tab Accept top completion complete-word
ShiftTab Accept bottom completion complete-word
CtrlSpace Show additional completions list-expand
ā†“ Cursor down (if able) or completion menu down-line-or-select
PgDn / Altā†“ Completion menu (always) menu-select
ā†‘ Cursor up (if able) or history menu up-line-or-search
PgUp / Altā†‘ History menu (always) history-search
CtrlR Live history search, newest to oldest history-incremental-search-backward
CtrlS Live history search, oldest to newest history-incremental-search-forward

In the completion menu:

Key(s) Action
ā†‘ / ā†“ / ā† / ā†’ Change selection
Altā†‘ Backward one group
Altā†“ Forward one group
PgUp / PgDn Page up/down
CtrlR Full text search or previous search match
CtrlS Full text search or next search match
CtrlSpace Multi-select
Tab Accept selection
ShiftTab Accept bottom completion
Enter Accept command line
most other keys Accept selection, then perform usual action

In the history menu:

Key(s) Action
ā†‘/ā†“ Change selection
CtrlSpace Multi-select
Tab Accept selection
Enter Accept command line
most other keys Accept selection, then perform usual action