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Zsh Artisan

Laravel artisan plugin for zsh to help you to run artisan from anywhere in the project tree, with auto-completion, and it can automatically open files created by artisan!

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zsh-artisan - Enhanced Laravel integration for zsh

This plugin adds an artisan shell command with the following features:

  • It will find and execute artisan from anywhere within the project file tree (and you don't need to prefix it with php or ./)
  • It provides auto-completion for artisan commands (that also work anywhere within the project).
  • You can specify an editor to automatically open new files created by artisan make:* commands


Simply use the command artisan from anywhere within the directory structure of a Laravel project and it will search up the tree for the artisan command and execute it. E.g:

$ pwd

$ artisan make:model MyAwesomeModel
Model created successfully.

Tab-completion will work anywhere that artisan can be found, and the available commands are retrieved on-demand. This means that you will see any Artisan commands that are available to you, including any custom commands that have been defined.


  • antonioribeiro/artisan-anywhere for some of the initial artisan location logic
  • The laravel5 plugin that comes with oh-my-zsh for the initial completion logic
  • ahuggins/open-on-make for the "open on make" functionality idea. Unfortunately, adding a dev dependency like this isn't an option on some of the projects I work on.