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Zsh Arc

zsh plugin with aliases for Yandex version control system `arc`

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zsh plugin with aliases for Yandex version control system arc



antigen bundle anton-rudeshko/zsh-arc

Or add to your .antigenrc:

antigen bundles <<EOBUNDLES

Then run:

antigen update
antigen reset

Reopen your shell.


Keep in mind that there are utilities shadowed with aliases:

$ which -a $(alias | grep -oE "^a[^=]*") | grep -v arc
a: aliased to fasd -a
afind: aliased to ack -il

Run shadowed commands via command cmd or \cmd.


Alias Command
aa arc add
aaa arc add --all
aapa arc add --patch
aau arc add --update
aav arc add --verbose
ab arc branch
aba arc branch --all
abd arc branch --delete
abda arc branch --merged | command grep -vE "^(\+|\*|\s*(trunk)\s*$)" | command xargs -n 1 arc branch -d
abD arc branch -D
abl arc blame
ac arc commit
ac! arc commit --amend
acn! arc commit --no-edit --amend
aca arc commit --all
aca! arc commit --all --amend
acan! arc commit --all --no-edit --amend
acam arc commit --all --message
acb arc checkout -b
aclean arc clean -d
apristine arc reset --hard $(arc_current_branch) && arc clean -dx
act arc checkout trunk
acmsg arc commit --message
aco arc checkout
acp arc cherry-pick
acpa arc cherry-pick --abort
acpc arc cherry-pick --continue
acps arc cherry-pick --skip
ad arc diff
adca arc diff --cached
ads arc diff --staged
af arc fetch
afa arc fetch --all
afg arc ls-files | grep
agpull arc pull "$(arc_current_branch)"
agpush arc push "$(arc_current_branch)"
agsup arc branch --set-upstream-to=arcadia/$(arc_current_branch)
apsup arc push --set-upstream arcadia $(arc_current_branch)
al arc pull
alg arc log --stat
algg arc log --graph
algm arc log --graph --max-count=10
alo arc log --oneline
alols arc log --graph --stat
alog arc log --oneline --graph
amt arc mergetool --no-prompt
amtvim arc mergetool --no-prompt --tool=vimdiff
ap arc push
apf! arc push --force
apr arc pr
aprc arc pr create
aprco arc pr checkout
aprl arc pr list
aprla arc pr list --all
aprv arc pr view
aprs arc pr status
arb arc rebase
arba arc rebase --abort
arbc arc rebase --continue
arbi arc rebase --interactive
arbs arc rebase --skip
arev arc revert
arh arc reset
arhh arc reset --hard
aroh arc reset arcadia/$(arc_current_branch) --hard
arm arc rm
armc arc rm --cached
ars arc restore
arss arc restore --source
art cd "$(arc root || echo .)"
aru arc reset --
asb arc status -sb
ash arc show --no-decorate
ashd arc show
ass arc status -s
ast arc status
astaa arc stash apply
astc arc stash clear
astd arc stash drop
astl arc stash list
astp arc stash pop
asts arc stash show
ats arc tag -s
atv arc tag | sort -V
aunwip arc log -n 1 | grep -q -c "\-\-wip\-\-" && arc reset HEAD~1
awip arc add -A; arc rm $(arc ls-files --deleted) 2> /dev/null; arc commit --message "--wip-- [skip ci]"


/Users/rudeshko/dev/zsh-arc --no-local-clone

It is necessary to use absolute path.