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Display Zsh hook functions and arrays

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zhooks is a tool for displaying the code for all Zsh hook functions (such as precmd), as well as the contents of hook arrays (such as precmd_functions). It is useful in debugging conflicts between interactive scripts.



Simply source zhooks from your .zshrc:

source /path/to/zhooks.plugin.zsh

or load it using your favorite Zsh plugin manager or framework. Then run the command zhooks from the command line to see a thorough report.

zhooks returns true when hooks are being used and false when they are not.

Zsh Hooks Functions and Hook Arrays

Zsh has the hook functions:

  • chpwd
  • periodic
  • precmd
  • preexec
  • zshaddhistory
  • zsh_directory_name
  • zshexit

The corresponding arrays have _functions appended to their names:

  • chpwd_functions
  • periodic_functions
  • precmd_functions
  • preexec_functions
  • zshaddhistory_functions
  • zsh_directory_name_functions
  • zshexit_functions

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