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Yeoman plugin for Oh My ZSH, compatible with yeoman version ≥1.0 (options and command auto-completion).

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Yeoman plugin for (Oh My) ZSH

This is a Yeoman plugin for Oh My ZSH, compatible with yeoman version ≥1.0. It provides:

  • aliases ;
  • zsh autocomplete functions and options.

Note: originally a fork of @sayanee/yeoman-oh-my-zsh (for version ≤0.9.6). It's has since been fully redesigned to work with yeoman ≥v1.0.



If you're using Antigen:

  1. Add antigen bundle edouard-lopez/yeoman-zsh-plugin to your .zshrc where you've listed your other plugins.

  2. Restart your terminal application to refresh context and use the plugin. Alternatively, you can run antigen bundle edouard-lopez/yeoman-zsh-plugin in a running shell to have antigen load the new plugin.


If you're using oh-my-zsh:

  1. In the command line, change to oh-my-zsh's custom plugin directory :

    cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/
  2. Clone the repository into a new yeoman directory:

    git clone yeoman
  3. Edit your ~/.zshrc and add yeoman – same as clone directory– to the list of plugins to enable:

    plugins=( ... yeoman )
  4. Then, restart your terminal application to refresh context and use the plugin. Alternatively, you can source your current shell configuration:

    source ~/.zshrc

Commands Completion

You can use zsh completion by typing tab after the three commands yo, bower and ~~grunt~~ to get some insight of the possibilities:

yo completion

The list of generators is built using the native --generators option

List installed generators

$ yo<tab>
angular                          -- angular's generator
gulp-webapp                      -- gulp-webapp's generator
karma                            -- karma's generator
leaflet                          -- leaflet's generator
mocha                            -- mocha's generator
webapp                           -- Default Yeoman generator for scaffolding out a front-end web app

List of options

$ yo -<tab><tab>
--help             -- show the help message and quit
--version          -- show version information and quit
  --help         # Print this info and generator's options and usage
  -f, --force    # Overwrite files that already exist
  --version      # Print version
  --no-color     # Disable colors
  --[no-]insight # Toggle anonymous tracking
  --generators   # Print available generators

bower completion

List of subcommands :

$ bower<tab>
cache-clean        -- Cleans all the bower cache or the specified packages cache
completion         -- Tab Completion for bower
info               -- Version info and description of a particular package.
init               -- Creates a component.json file based on answers to questions
install            -- Installs a browser package locally into a components directory
link               -- The link functionality allows developers to easily test their packages. Linking is a two-step process.
list         ls    -- Lists all packages
lookup             -- Looks up a package url by name
register           -- Register a package.
search             -- Finds all packages or a specific package.
uninstall          -- Uninstalls a browser package locally from your components directory
update             -- Refreshes a package install

List of options are available both for top level and subcommands :

$ bower<tab>
--help             -- Show the help message and quit
--no-color         -- Do not print colors (available in all commands)
--version          -- Show version information and quit

Subcommand options:

$ bower list<tab><tab>
--help             -- Show the help message and quit
--map              -- Generates a deep dependency JSON source mapping
--no-color         -- Do not print colors (available in all commands)
--offline          -- Avoid checking for newer versions
--paths            -- Generates a simple JSON source mapping
--sources          -- Generates list of source files in order of dependency
--version          -- Show version information and quit

grunt completion


Aliases (for yeoman)

Old aliases have been updated to use new yeoman's ≥1.0 commands, i.e. yo, bower, grunt :

  • ym... prefix stand for yeoman:

    alias ymget='npm install -g yo grunt-cli bower'
    alias ym='yo help'
    alias ymv='yo --version'
    alias ymi='yo'
    alias ymb='grunt build'
    alias ymsv='grunt server'
    alias ymsd='grunt server:dist'
    alias ymst='grunt server:test'
    alias ymt='grunt test'
    alias ymii='bower install'
    alias ymui='bower uninstall'
    alias ymu='bower update'
    alias yml='bower list'
    alias yms='bower search'
    alias ymlu='bower lookup'

Aliases (for grunt and bower)

New aliases have been added to be more intituive with yeoman version ≥1.0 commands (i.e. yo, bower and grunt). They respectively use the following prefixes:

g... for grunt commands :

# new alias for Yoeman ≥1.0 (using 'grunt' and 'bower')
alias grb='grunt build'
alias grsv='grunt server'
alias grsd='grunt server:dist'
alias grst='grunt server:test'
alias grt='grunt test'

bw... for bower commands.

alias bwii='bower install'
alias bwui='bower uninstall'
alias bwu='bower update'
alias bwl='bower list'
alias bws='bower search'
alias bwlu='bower lookup'