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Wakatime Zsh Plugin

Track how much time you have spent in your terminal!

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What does this plugin do?

This plugin provides zsh and wakatime integration. In other words, it tracks all time you spend in a terminal. Unlike other plugins, this one tries to keep all your spent time in the same wakatime's project.



Before we start you will need to run:

pip install 'wakatime>=12.0'

This command will install Wakatime's CLI.


Official plugin documentation


Wakatime supports configuration via ~/.wakatime.cfg. You will need to set your api_key.

There are number of options to set via your environment variables:

  • $WAKATIME_DO_NOT_TRACK: you can also disable tracking for some period of time by setting WAKATIME_DO_NOT_TRACK=1. defaults to false
  • $WAKATIME_TIMEOUT: to limit the time to sync with the wakatime servers, defaults to 5 seconds
  • $WAKATIME_DISABLE_OFFLINE: to disable wakatime in offline mode, defaults to false
  • $ZSH_WAKATIME_BIN: set a custom path for the wakatime cli, defaults to wakatime


There are several alternatives to this project:

  1. zsh-wakatime
  2. bash-wakatime
  3. fish-wakatime

See the full list here.