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Stupidly simple zsh plugin to have a R-EP-L tmux session.

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Stupidly simple zsh plugin to have a R-EP-L tmux session.

I like to keep my tmux workspace organized into a CommandPanel(to type commands in) and an ExecutionPanel(where the command gets executed). This plugin achieves exactly that.



  1. Clone the repository into oh-my-zsh custom plugin folder.
git clone ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/tmuxrepl
  1. Add tmuxrepl into plugin list in your .zshrc

  2. source ~/.zshrc


With setup properly done, you should be able to enter the tmux REPL session using command tmuxrepl. To exit use Ctrl-C.

Special key bindings

We use a lot of special keys in our day to day shell usage. To actually send those keys to the execution pane you have to use it in terms that tmux can understand i,e how you would use them in tmux.conf. A few examples are listed below.

Key Command panel equivalent
Enter Enter or C-m
Escape Escape


Bug Reports and Feature Requests

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Pull requests are most welcome.

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