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Symfony Zsh Plugin

Zsh plugin for Symfony

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A zsh plugin for the Symfony 2/3 with usefull commands and an actual autocompletion.



antigen bundle voronkovich/symfony.plugin.zsh

Or clone this repo and add this into your .zshrc:

source path/to/cloned/repo/symfony.plugin.zsh


This plugin provides some usefull commands and shortcuts:

  • sf is used for running Symfony console commands. You can run this command inside project's folders because it searches the console script upward from a current dir;
  • sfprod and sfdev are shortcuts for sf --env=prod and sf --env=dev;
  • sfsh launches Symfony's shell;
  • sfstart starts PHP built-in web server in the background;
  • sfrun runs PHP built-in web server;
  • sfstop stops PHP's built-in web server;
  • sfservice shows a service definition. It has an autocompletion for service ids;
  • sfroute shows a route definition. It has autocompletion for routes names;
  • sfconfig shows a container extensions configuration. It has autocompletion for extensions names;
  • sfhelp shows a help message for a specified command;
  • symfony-get-installer downloads a Symfony installer from the;
  • sfnew is just a shortcut for symfony new.

Also this plugin provides a commands and some options autocompletion for both Symfony's console and installer.

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Copyright (c) Voronkovich Oleg. Distributed under the MIT.