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Plugin (darrenbutcher)

Custom zsh plugin to create custom plugins

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Custom zsh plugin to easy create custom zsh plugins from a boilerplate template.


Create .zsh-plugins file in your home directory. Add plugins=(plugin) to install the plugin. Then source $HOME/.zsh-plugins in .zshrc config file. Plugin installs and uninstalls will occur from this file.


Plugin install location

The default plugin install location is $HOME/.zsh-plugins but this can be overwritten by setting plugins_install_location="path/to/plugin_install" in the plugin config file.

Custom Plugins Location

The default plugins location uses the default zsh custom plugins location $HOME/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins but this can be overwritten by setting custom_plugins_location="path/to/custom/plugins" in the plugin config file.

Basic Usage

  plugin list, ls           - show custom plugins
  plugin directory, dir, d  - show plugins location
  plugin create, c [name]   - create plugin
  plugin init,              - boilerplate plugin template
  plugin install [plugin]   - install plugin
  plugin uninstall [plugin] - uninstall plugin
  plugin edit [plugin]      - edit plugin
  plugin config             - edit plugins config: .zsh-plugins
  plugin config show [s]    - display plugins config: .zsh-plugins            
  plugin help, h            - show help 


Licensed under the MIT License. Free as beer!


Darren Butcher: @darrenbutcher