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function wrapper plugin for oh-my-zsh

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a function wrapper plugin for ZSH

Allows you to define persistent functions on-the-fly, without the need to add them to your config files. Your functions are permanently available until you delete them.

The plugin defines 3 functions:

Command Action
mfunc name [name] ... create new function(s) interactively
rfunc name [name] ... delete existing user-defined function(s)
lfunc list all user-defined functions

functions are stored as plain text in $ZSH/functions/ and made available via the autoload builtin (i.e. they are only loaded into memory when called for the first time).


a) As an oh-my-zsh plugin
  1. Run: cd $ZSH/custom && git clone plugins/mfunc

  2. Add mfunc to your plugins in your .zshrc. The relevant line should look something like this: plugins=(git mfunc)

b) using antigen
  1. Add this line where you load your antigen bundles in your .zshrc:

antigen bundle hlohm/mfunc

c) with vanilla ZSH
  1. git clone this repo to a location of your choice

  2. add a line source /location/of/your/choice/mfunc.plugin.zsh to your .zshrc

Upon its first run the plugin will notify you that it created the directory in which it stores your functions.


This is an early version covering only the most basic functionality. There are no safeguards whatsover, so use at you own risk. Things like tab completion, input sanitization and the like are on the TODO list.