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Laravel AU Zsh Plugin

Laravel 6 Artisan/PHPUnit commands aliases plugin for zsh

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Laravel 6 Artisan/PHPUnit Commands Aliases Plugin for ZSH

The idea Commands Aliases



Without typing full Artisan command in console, like:

php artisan make:model Attachment -m

there is more convenient alias:

amamod Attachment -m

Without typing full PHPUnit command in console, like:


there is more convenient alias:


Installation on oh-my-zsh

1- Go to oh-my-zsh plugins directory:

cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/plugins

2- Clone the repository into a new directory laravel-au:

git clone laravel-au

3- Enable laravel-au plugin by adding to your .zshrc configuration file:

plugins=(.... laravel-au)

Aliases PHPUnit

Alias Command Description
pu vendor/bin/phpunit phpunit
puf vendor/bin/phpunit --filter Filter which tests to run
put vendor/bin/phpunit --testsuite Filter which testsuite to run
pug vendor/bin/phpunit --group Only runs tests from the specified group(s)
pueg vendor/bin/phpunit --exclude-group Exclude tests from the specified group(s)
pulg vendor/bin/phpunit --list-groups List available test groups
puls vendor/bin/phpunit --list-suites List available test suites
pult vendor/bin/phpunit --list-tests List available tests

Aliases Artisan


Alias Command Description
a php artisan Main Artisan command
av php artisan -V Display this application version
acc php artisan clear-compiled Remove the compiled class file
adow php artisan down Put the application into maintenance mode
aenv php artisan env Display the current framework environment
ahel php artisan help Displays help for a command
ains php artisan inspire Display an inspiring quote
alis php artisan list Lists commands
amig php artisan migrate Run the database migrations
migrate php artisan migrate Run the database migrations
aopt php artisan optimize Cache the framework bootstrap files
apre php artisan preset Swap the front-end scaffolding for the application
aser php artisan serve Serve the application on the PHP development server
serve php artisan serve Serve the application on the PHP development server
atin php artisan tinker Interact with your application
tinker php artisan tinker Interact with your application
aui php artisan ui Swap the front-end scaffolding for the application
aup php artisan up Bring the application out of maintenance mod


Alias Command Description
aaucr php artisan auth:clear-resets Flush expired password reset tokens


Alias Command Description
acacle php artisan cache:clear Flush the application cache
acafor php artisan cache:forget Remove an item from the cache
acatab php artisan cache:table Create a migration for the cache database table


Alias Command Description
acocac php artisan config:cache reate a cache file for faster configuration loading
acocle php artisan config:clear Remove the configuration cache file


Alias Command Description
adbsee php artisan db:seed Seed the database with records
adbwip php artisan db:wipe Drop all tables, views, and types


Alias Command Description
aevcac php artisan event:cache Discover and cache the application's events and listeners
aevcle php artisan event:clear Clear all cached events and listeners
aevgen php artisan event:generate Generate the missing events and listeners based on registration
aevlis php artisan event:list List the application's events and listeners


Alias Command Description
akegen php artisan key:generate Set the application key


Alias Command Description
amacha php artisan make:channel Create a new channel class
amacom php artisan make:command Create a new Artisan command
amacon php artisan make:controller Create a new controller class
amaeve php artisan make:event Create a new event class
amaexc php artisan make:exception Create a new custom exception class
amafac php artisan make:factory Create a new model factory
amajob php artisan make:job Create a new job class
amalis php artisan make:listener Create a new event listener class
amamai php artisan make:mail Create a new email class
amamid php artisan make:middleware Create a new middleware class
amamig php artisan make:migration Create a new migration file
amamod php artisan make:model Create a new Eloquent model class
amanot php artisan make:notification Create a new notification class
amaobs php artisan make:observer Create a new observer class
amapol php artisan make:policy Create a new policy class
amapro php artisan make:provider Create a new service provider class
amareq php artisan make:request Create a new form request class
amares php artisan make:resource Create a new resource
amarul php artisan make:rule Create a new validation rule
amasee php artisan make:seeder Create a new seeder class
amates php artisan make:test Create a new test class


Alias Command Description
amifre php artisan migrate:fresh Drop all tables and re-run all migrations
amiins php artisan migrate:install Create the migration repository
amiref php artisan migrate:refresh Reset and re-run all migrations
amires php artisan migrate:reset Rollback all database migrations
amirol php artisan migrate:rollback Rollback the last database migration
amista php artisan migrate:status Show the status of each migration


Alias Command Description
anotab php artisan notifications:table Create a migration for the notifications table


Alias Command Description
aopcle php artisan optimize:clear Remove the cached bootstrap files


Alias Command Description
apadis artisan package:discover Rebuild the cached package manifest


Alias Command Description
aqufai php artisan queue:failed List all of the failed queue jobs
aqufait php artisan queue:failed-table Create a migration for the failed queue jobs database table
aquflu php artisan queue:flush Flush all of the failed queue jobs
aqufor php artisan queue:forget Delete a failed queue job
aqulis php artisan queue:listen Listen to a given queue
aqures php artisan queue:restart Restart queue worker daemons after their current job
aquret php artisan queue:retry Retry a failed queue job
aqutab php artisan queue:table Create a migration for the queue jobs database table
aquwor php artisan queue:work Start processing jobs on the queue as a daemon


Alias Command Description
arocac php artisan route:cache Create a route cache file for faster route registration
arocle php artisan route:clear Remove the route cache file
arolis php artisan route:list List all registered routes


Alias Command Description
ascrun php artisan schedule:run Run the scheduled commands


Alias Command Description
asetab php artisan session:table Create a migration for the session database table


Alias Command Description
astlin php artisan storage:link Create a symbolic link from public/storage to storage/app/public


Alias Command Description
auiaut php artisan ui:auth Scaffold basic login and registration views and routes


Alias Command Description
avepub php artisan vendor:publish Publish any publishable assets from vendor packages


Alias Command Description
avicac php artisan view:cache Compile all of the application's Blade templates
avicle php artisan view:clear Clear all compiled view files


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.