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Lando Zsh

A simple zsh plugin for lando commands.

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Lando ZSH (lando-zsh)

This plugin adds aliases for using various languages and frameworks with Lando for Docker. It will only run within lando-driven project directories.

To use it, add lando to the plugins array in your zshrc file:

plugins=(... lando)


Alias Description
artisan lando artisan
composer lando composer
drush lando drush
gulp lando gulp
npm lando npm
wp lando wp
yarn lando yarn

How It Works:

This plugin removes the requirement to type lando before a command. It utilizes the lando version of supported commands run within directories with the following criteria:

  • The .lando.yml file is found in the current directory or any parent directory within $LANDO_ZSH_SITES_DIRECTORY.
  • The current directory is within $LANDO_ZSH_SITES_DIRECTORY but is not $LANDO_ZSH_SITES_DIRECTORY itself.


The plugin will utilize the default values. Set the variable(s) below as needed in your .zshrc file to change these default values to match your development environment. (E.G. Add LANDO_ZSH_SITES_DIRECTORY=~/Projects to .zshrc)

  • LANDO_ZSH_SITES_DIRECTORY: The plugin will stop searching through parents for LANDO_ZSH_CONFIG_FILE once it hits this directory. This should be the top level directory that holds all of your projects.
  • LANDO_ZSH_CONFIG_FILE: The plugin will check to see if this provided file exists to check for presence of Lando. By default, the lando config file is named .lando.yml but this can be changed if needed or desired.


Credit: A major thank you deserved to Marc Cornellà for making this plugin far more efficient.