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Loads kubectx and kubens automagically for you

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kubectx is a great tool for Kubernetes that provides a kubectx and kubens command that make it easier for you to work with multiple clusters and namespaces.

kubectx-zshplugin automatically installs them into your ZSH environment for you.


kubectx-zshplugin can be automatically loaded as a ZSH plugin by any framework that supports oh-my-zsh compatible plugins.


If you're using zgen:

  1. Add zgen load unixorn/kubectx-zshplugin to your .zshrc along with your other zgen load commands.
  2. zgen reset && zgen save. zgen will automatically clone the git repository the next time you start a terminal session.


If you're using Antigen:

  1. Add antigen bundle unixorn/kubectx-zshplugin to your .zshrc where you've listed your other plugins.
  2. Close and reopen your terminal window to start a new session and Antigen will automatically clone and load the plugin for you. Alternatively, you can run antigen bundle unixorn/kubectx-zshplugin in a running shell to have antigen automatically clone and load the new plugin immediately.


If you're using oh-my-zsh:

  1. In the terminal, change to oh-my-zsh's custom plugin directory:

    cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/

  2. Clone the repository into a new kubectx directory:

    git clone --recursive kubectx cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/kubectx/ git submodule init git submodule update

  3. Edit your ~/.zshrc and add kubectx – same as clone directory – to the list of plugins to enable:

    plugins=( ... kubectx )

  4. Then, restart your terminal application to refresh context and use the plugin. Alternatively, you can source your current shell configuration:

    source ~/.zshrc