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HipChat Zsh

A zsh plugin to send hipchat messages through shell

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A zsh plugin to send messages over Hipchat to your friends through shell. You should have curl installed and set the environment variable HIPCHAT_API_TOKEN.

Then you can send quick pings from the command line!

hipchat Hey buddy

If you run into trouble you can also use the -d flag to output the URL and POST parameters that are sent to the Hipchat API.

Note: If no @ character is detected in the first argument, it will assume you would like to send to a room instead.


antigen users

If you're using Antigen, add antigen bundle robertzk/hipchat.zsh to your .zshrc where you're loading your other modules. If you want to test it before adding it to your .zshrc, just run antigen bundle robertzk/hipchat.zsh in a running zsh session.

oh-my-zsh users

Assuming you have oh-my-zsh, you can simply run:

git clone ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/hipchat
echo "plugins+=(hipchat)" >> ~/.zshrc

in a zsh session.

(Alternatively, you can place the hipchat plugin in the plugins=(...) local in your ~/.zshrc manually.)

zgen users

If you're using zgen, add zgen load robertzk/hipchat.zsh to your .zshrc where you're loading your other modules.

bash users

If you use the non-recommended alternative, bash, you can install this directly to your ~/.bash_profile:

curl -s >> ~/.bash_profile


Usage: hipchat [-d] <email or room> <message>
-d: debug (more verbose output)