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Go Env

oh-my-zsh plugin to manage $GOPATH similarly to Python's virtualenv

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Antigen plugin to manage $GOPATH similarly to Python's virtualenvwrapper.

I'm sure this can also be used with vanilla oh-my-zsh (or prezto), but I'm not sure exactly how. If you figure it out - please open a pull request, as I'd love to know.


In .zshrc:

antigen-use oh-my-zsh
antigen bundle bbenne10/goenv
antigen apply

In .zshenv:

export GO_ENV=~/.goenvs

$GO_ENV works exactly the same as $WORKON_HOME in virtualenvwrapper's world. It answers the questions "Where should centralized go environments be stored?" Note: Should this env variable be unset, it will be initalized on plugin load to $HOME/.goenvs.


This exports two main functions:

  • make_go_workspace - To create new workspaces under $GO_ENV. Takes one argument: the workspace name to make.

  • goworkon - To use a particular workspace which has been created previously. Takes one argument: the workspace name to begin work on.


  • function (similar to pyenv, virtualenv{,wrapper} and git plugins) to add $GOPATH to $PS1
  • remove_go_workspace (== rmvirtualenv from virtualenvwrapper)
  • deactivate support. This should restore the $GOPATH that was present before we set it.