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Git (davidde)

Custom oh-my-zsh git plugin

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oh-my-zsh git plugin

This plugin is a complete replacement for the default oh-my-zsh git plugin, and provides quite a few useful aliases and functions. The motivation to replace the default plugin stems from the fact that it comes with some inconsistencies that make a few popular commands rather unintuitive:

  • gcm='git checkout master': this is inconsistent with gco='git checkout',
    and on top of that it steals what should be the shortcut for git commit -m.
  • Similar issues with git log: half of the commands use glg, the other half gl,
    but gl by itself is git pull (!?), for which gpl would make more sense.

The efficiency of these shortcuts is kind of lost when you have to remember different letters for the same subcommand depending on the parameter(s) you're using …

In this plugin, great care care is taken to make sure all aliases are the most intuitive they can possibly be.
On top of that, quite a few extra functions are added.


To use this plugin, clone this repo to ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins:

git clone ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins/git

This will automatically override the default git plugin.

If you aren't yet using the default plugin, add git to the plugins in your ~/.zshrc file:


Aliases cheatsheet

Alias Command
g git
ga git add
gaa git add --all
gai git add --interactive
galias gitlistaliases
gam git commit --amend -m
gama git commit --amend -m --all
gan git commit --amend --no-edit
gana git commit --amend --no-edit --all
gap git add --patch
gb git branch
gba git branch --all
gbd git branch --delete
gbdf git branch --delete --force
gbl git blame
gbll gitblameline \ [\] [\]
gbls git branch --list | cat
gbs git bisect
gbsb git bisect bad
gbsg git bisect good
gbsr git bisect reset
gbss git bisect start
gc git commit --verbose
gcam git commit -am
gcame git commit -am --allow-empty-message ""
gcamg git commit -am --gpg-sign
gcams git commit -am --signoff
gcem git commit --allow-empty -m
gcf git config
gcfl git config --list
gcfls git config --list | cat
gcl git clone --recurse-submodules
gclcd gitcloneand_cd
gcm git commit -m
gcmg git commit -m --gpg-sign
gcms git commit -m --signoff
gcnt git_count
gcnta gitcountall
gco git checkout
gcob git checkout -b
gcobb "checkout branch before": git checkout -
gcoc gitcheckoutchild
gcod git checkout develop
gcom git checkout $(gitmainbranch)
gcop gitcheckoutparent
gcp git cherry-pick
gcpa git cherry-pick --abort
gcpc git cherry-pick --continue
gd git diff
gds git diff --staged
gdst git diff stash@{0}
gdsth git diff stash@{0} HEAD
gdstp git diff stash@{0}^ stash@{0}
gf git fetch
gfo git fetch origin
ggb "git graph branches"
gignore git update-index --skip-worktree
gunignore git update-index --no-skip-worktree
gignored git ls-files -v | grep ^S
gl git log --name-status
glf gitlogfile \ [\] [\]
glg git log --graph
glgo git log --graph --oneline
glgs git log --graph --stat
glo git log --oneline
gloc gitlocatestring \ [\]
glog git log
glr git log --reverse --name-status
gls git ls-files
gm git merge
gmom git merge origin/$(gitmainbranch)
gmum git merge upstream/$(gitmainbranch)
gmv git mv
gp git push
gpd git push --delete
gpdo git push --delete origin
gpf git push --force-with-lease
gpt git push && git push --tags
gpl git pull
gplr git pull --rebase
gplrs git pull --recurse-submodules
gr git reset
grhard git reset --hard
grk git reset --keep
grs git reset --soft
grh gitresethead
grhhard gitresethead --hard
grhk gitresethead --keep
grhs gitresethead --soft
grb git rebase
grbm git rebase $(gitmainbranch)
grem git remote
grema git remote add
gremrm git remote rm
gremset git remote set-url
gremsh git remote show
gremv git remote -v
grl git reflog
grm git rm
gs git status
gsh git show
gshsf gitshowstash_file \ [\]
gss gitstatusshort
gst git stash
gsta git stash apply
gstd git stash drop
gstl git stash list
gstls git stash list | cat
gstp git stash push
gstpop git stash pop
gstsl git stash show -l
gstsp git stash show -p
gsub git submodule
gsuba git submodule add
gsubi git submodule update --init
gsubpl git submodule foreach git pull
gsubplom git submodule foreach git pull origin $(gitmainbranch)
gsubs git submodule status
gsubu git submodule update --remote --merge
gt git tag
gtam git tag -am
gtsm git tag -sm
gtd git tag --delete
gtl git tag --list
gtls git tag --list | cat
gwch git whatchanged -p

:warning: Note:

This cheatsheet is optimized for memorability, and may not correspond literally with the actual aliases. E.g.:

  • "git graph branches"
  • git log commands are actually more verbose for nicer output.
  • git commit -m --gpg-sign has its flags switched because -m needs to be last.
  • Etc.

Check out all commands with usage and clarifications in your local git.plugin.zsh or the repo's source code.

Alternatively, run alias to see all alias implementations, or galias for this cheatsheet.

If you want to see any specific implementation, simply run which <alias/function>.