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Gcloud Project

If your are working with ,multiple gcp projects and struggle to remember which one is currently active, here is a solution for you.

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:memo: Description

Working with multiple GCP projects can be a bit confusing. After each gcloud command you need to remember adding the --project flag of the project you are currently working on. gcloud-project was created in order to solve this issue.

gcloud-project will look for a file named .gcpprj starting from the current directory and going up the tree. If such file is found its content will be read as the project-id.

Each execution of the gcloud command, will set the project id to that value, before actualy calling the command.

After the execution the value in the config file will be restored to it's previous value.

:mag: Usage

Under Zsh or Bourne shells such as sh and bash, you just source into your shell:

$ source ./

:package: Installation

Give it a try!

  • Install with zplug:

    gcloud-project can be installed by adding the following to your .zshrc file in the same function you're doing your other zplug load calls in.

    $ zplug "avivl/gcloud-project",
  • Install with git clone:

    $ git clone
    $ source /path/to/gcloud-project/

:ticket: License

MIT :copyright: avivl