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Fzf Marks

Plugin to manage bookmarks in bash and zsh

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This plugin can be used to create, delete, and navigate marks in bash and zsh. It depends on Junegunn Choi's fuzzy-finder fzf.


The script exposes two functions:

  • mark \, to register a new mark to the current directory;
  • fzm [\], to jump to or delete a mark using fzf.

Most of the keybindings in the search window are the default fzf ones. The only additions are

  • ctrl-y, to jump to a match;
  • ctrl-t, to toggle a match for deletion;
  • ctrl-d, to delete selected matches.

By default, the plugin binds the key ctrl-g to fzm.


Question: Is it possible to limit the fzf search to the mark label, i.e. to exclude the path from the search?

Yes, this is possible by passing the options -n (for the field number to use for the search) and -d (for the delimiter) to fzf. For example, set the Command configuration to fzf --height 40% --reverse -n 1 -d ' : '