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A utility tool powered by fzf for using git interactively.

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Utility tool for using git interactively. Powered by junegunn/fzf.

This tool is designed to help you use git more efficiently. It's lightweight and easy to use.

Note: Requires fzf. Make sure you have it installed.

📝 Features

  • Interactive git add selector (ga)


  • Interactive git log viewer (glo)


The log graph can be disabled by option FORGIT_LOG_GRAPH_ENABLE (see discuss in issue #71).

  • Interactive .gitignore generator (gi)


  • Interactive git diff viewer (gd)

  • Interactive git reset HEAD <file> selector (grh)

  • Interactive git checkout <file> selector (gcf)

  • Interactive git checkout <branch> selector (gcb)

  • Interactive git checkout <tag> selector (gct)

  • Interactive git checkout <commit> selector (gco)

  • Interactive git revert <commit> selector (grc)

  • Interactive git stash viewer (gss)

  • Interactive git clean selector (gclean)

  • Interactive git cherry-pick selector (gcp)

  • Interactive git rebase -i selector (grb)

  • Interactive git commit --fixup && git rebase -i --autosquash selector (gfu)


Fig will automatically configure forgit for use as a git alias as well. So you can do, e.g.

$ git forgit log
$ git forgit add
$ git forgit diff

💡 Tips

  • Most of the commands accept optional arguments (eg, glo develop, glo f738479..188a849b -- main.go, gco master).
  • gd supports specifying revision(eg, gd HEAD~, gd v1.0
  • Call gi with arguments to get the wanted .gitignore contents directly(eg, gi cmake c++).
  • You can use the commands as sub-commands of git, see #147 for details.

⌨ Keybinds

Key Action
Enter Confirm
Tab Toggle mark and move up
Shift - Tab Toggle mark and move down
? Toggle preview window
Alt - W Toggle preview wrap
Ctrl - S Toggle sort
Ctrl - R Toggle selection
Ctrl - Y Copy commit hash*
Ctrl - K / P Selection move up
Ctrl - J / N Selection move down
Alt - K / P Preview move up
Alt - J / N Preview move down

* Available when the selection contains a commit hash. For linux users FORGIT_COPY_CMD should be set to make copy work. Example: FORGIT_COPY_CMD='xclip -selection clipboard'.