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A simple oh-my-zsh plugin

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A simple oh-my-zsh plugin.


This plugin automagically switch to a python virtual enviroment located (that you previously have created with virtualenv program) in a folder named ".pyvenv". If you have the virtualenv folder in a diferente folder you can create a .pyvenvdir file and put the custom dir inside this file, the plugin will search for your custom folder fisrt.


You can clone the repository and execute the script.

Or you can execute the command \ bash <(curl -s -S -L \ to run the online installer.

After the installation step you must add dotpyvenv in plugins at file ${HOME}/.zshrc


Given we have the directory structure below

+-- .pyvenv
+-- project_a
|   +-- .pyvenv

when we exec cd projects the plugin will load the virtual environment at projects. Now we are inside projects folder and we will exec cd project_a, the virtualenv should be switched from projects/.pyvenv to projects/project_a/.pyvenv, this is not happening yet!