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Copy Pasta

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Copy Pasta

Use at your own risk. I use it daily without trouble, and have tried my best to make it safe to use, but I'm not responsible if it causes you to delete files by accident. Cheers!


Copy Pasta is a shell utility which let's you copy and paste in your terminal as you're used to doing in your GUI.

It works like this:

# Copy some files
copy cool-file.txt best-dir-around/

# Take your time looking around and find your destination
cd ../../some-other-place
cd other-cool-subdir

# 'pasta' to dump what you've copied into your current working directory

Copy Pasta doesn't pollute your clipboard, and even works across different terminals!

I use it a lot when I have two tmux panes open for different projects and I just want to copy-paste some files over, I can copy * in one pane, switch panes, then pasta!


Copy Pasta should work on most linux and mac machines, and works with most bash-compatible shells.

Installation options:

  • copy-paste copy-pasta.plugin.zsh onto your machine and source it from your shell's rc file. (E.g. ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc)
  • Add to your ZSH plugin manager as ChrisPenner/copy-pasta



  copy <files and directories to copy>

  pasta [destination dir]
    If destination dir is omitted the current directory is used.
    If the destination dir does not exist it will be created.