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Auto Dotenv

autodotenv is a oh-my-zsh plugin inspired in official dotenv plugin

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autodotenv is a Zsh plugin inspired in dotenv plugin

It ask if you want load your project ENV variables from .env file when you cd into project root directory.

This plugin is


First clone project in zsh plugins folder

git clone $ZSH/custom/plugins

And add the plugin to your .zshrc:

plugins=(... autodotenv)


Create .env file inside your project root directory and put your ENV variables there.

For example:

export AWS_S3_TOKEN=d84a83539134f28f412c652b09f9f98eff96c9a
export SECRET_KEY=7c6c72d959416d5aa368a409362ec6e2ac90d7f
export MONGO_URI=mongodb://
export PORT=3001

export is optional. This format works as well:


You can even mix both formats, although it's probably a bad idea.

Version Control

It's strongly recommended to add .env file to .gitignore, because usually it contains sensitive information such as your credentials, secret keys, passwords etc. You don't want to commit this file, it's supposed to be local only.


This is plugin is a fork of the dotenv Zsh plugin. Is a simple project with optional .env load.