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Ansible Zsh

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.oh-my-zsh Plugin for Ansible


Download the plugin into the custom plugin folder of oh-my-zsh

cd $ZSH/custom/plugins
git clone ansible

Activate the plugin. Add ansible to the plugins list in the file .zshrc

plugins=(git git-extras history mvn web-search ansible)



Alias Command
a ansible
ap ansible-playbook
al ansible-pull
avc ansible-vault create
ave ansible-vault edit
avr ansible-vault rekey
avenc ansible-vault encrypt
avdec ansible-vault decrypt
avv ansible-vault view
aga ansible-galaxy
agad ansible-galaxy delete
agai ansible-galaxy install
agaim ansible-galaxy import
againf ansible-galaxy info
agal ansible-galaxy list
agalog ansible-galaxy login
agar ansible-galaxy remove
agas ansible-galaxy search