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zsh-plugin for my brew aliases

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My custom zsh-plugin for zsh inspired by betterbrew.

alehouse-zsh-plugin contains short aliases for homebrew commands. For now I just have the ones from my personal .aliases file and those from betterbrew.

The latest update adds the functionality to cd to various Homebrew locations on the filesystem using hash -d. To use just cd to its hash with ~ preceding the hash. Example:

$ cd ~taps

If you have the autocd option enabled, you can simple enter the folders name with the ~ as a prefix to make things even faster!

$ ~brche

This plugin is for my personal use and is always a work in progress. Feel free to use it, and dont be afraid make suggestions or offer any corrections to any mistakes you might find!


Without typing full homebrew commands in console, like:

$ brew install zsh --build-from-source

there is more convenient alias:

$ bifs zsh


Installation of Alehouse is super easy! I have instructions listed below for use with oh-my-zsh. Otherwise clone this repo somewhere on your systeem, source the alehouse-plugin.zsh in your zshrc and restart your shell (source ~/.zshrc) to begin using!


  1. Go to oh-my-zsh plugins directory:
$ cd ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins
  1. Clone the repository into a new directory alehouse :
git clone alehouse
  1. Enable alehouse plugin by adding to your .zshrc configuration file:
$ plugins=(alehouse)
  1. Restart your shell.
$ source ~/.zshrc


To see a list of all available aliases just type alias into your terminal prompt.

Brew every day

The best part of waking up is having shortcuts in your cup! Some of my most used examples are listed below!

alias command
bs brew search
bsd brew search --desc
bi brew info*
bis brew install
cask brew cask
ci cask info
cis cask install
brewup brew -v update && brew -v upgrade && brew cask upgrade && brew -v cleanup --prune=5 && brew doctor

Cask Tools

Name Usage Description
tokenizer tokenizer path/to/app Finds the token for an application to name and create a cask.
findappcast findappcast path/to/app Finds appcast information for the given app, if available

All Aliases

My additions

Alias Command
bi brew info\*
bis brew install
brdr brew doctor
brls brew list
bs brew search
bsd brew search --desc
cask brew cask
ci brew cask info
cis brew cask install
cus brew cask uninstall
cuz brew cask zap
blv brew leaves
  • bi currently conflicts with the bundler package currently included with omz. Comment this out if you prefer to use that one.

betterbrew aliases

aliases that are ~~crossed out~~ have been removed.

betterbrew Command
binst brew install
buinst brew uninstall
bupd brew update
blst brew list
bsrch brew search
banal brew analytics
bcat brew cat
bclean brew cleanup
bcom brew command
bcoms brew commands
bcon brew config
bdeps brew deps
bdesc brew desc
bdiy brew diy
bdoc brew doctor
bfetch brew fetch
bgist brew gist-logs
bhome brew home
binfo brew info
bleaves brew leaves
bln brew ln
blog brew log
bmig brew migrate
bmiss brew missing
bopt brew options
bout brew outdated
bpin brew pin
bpinst brew postinstall
~~bprune~~ ~~brew prune~~
bread brew readall
brinst brew reinstall
bsh brew sh
bstyle brew style
bswitch brew switch
btap brew tap
btapinfo brew tap-info
btappin brew tap-pin
btapunpin brew tap-unpin
bulink brew unlink
bupack brew unpack
bupin brew unpin
butap brew untap
bupdr brew update-reset
bupgr brew upgrade
buses brew uses
bcache brew --cache
bcell brew --cellar
benv brew --env
bprefix brew --prefix
brepo brew --repository
bver brew --version


Name Location
brewr brew --repo
brpfx brew --prefix
taps brew --taps
cellar brew --cellar
caskroom brew --caskroom
brche brew --cache


  • [x] replace alias for brew prune as its been deprecated.
  • [ ] re-organize cheatsheet to be sorted by category.