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Linus Rants

Picks a random Linus Torvalds quote to display every time you load your shell

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Outputs a random Linus Torvalds rant every time you open a ZSH shell, using the dataset provided by Corollari at

Example Quotes

And if you cannot understand what tens of people have tried to explain to you, you are just f*cking stupid.

Completely immaterial. Seriously. … Answer: you don't. … It's wrong. It's fundamentally invalid crap. … NO WAY IN HELL do we add generic support for doing shit. Really. If p9 does crazy crap, that is not an excuse to extend the crazy crap to more code.

No it's not. Please fix your crappy script. First off, that '#' is wrong. It should be a space.


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Installation (Ubuntu / Oh-My-Zsh)

sudo apt-get install cowsay lolcat

cd $ZSH/custom/plugins

git clone linus-rants

then add linus-rants into the plugins in your .zshrc