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Total environment manager for ZSH

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Thanks for using Zulu. Zulu is a environment manager for ZSH, which aims to make it easy to manage your shell without writing any code.


  • Easily manage your shell environment without editing files.
  • Create aliases, functions and environment variables, and have them available to you at the next shell startup.
  • Add and remove directories from $path, $fpath and $cdpath with simple commands.
  • Install packages, plugins and themes easily, and have them available to you immediately.


  • ZSH 5.0.2 or above
  • git 1.9.1 or above


Zulu comes with its own install script, which is the recommended method of install.

curl -L | zsh && zsh

If you'd rather not pipe a script into ZSH, take a look at the manual installation process.


For detailed usage instructions, take a look at Zulu's official documentation


All contributions are welcome, and encouraged. Please read our contribution guidelines and code of conduct for more information.


Copyright (c) 2016 James Dinsdale (

Zulu is licensed under The MIT License (MIT)

Icon is Shield by Ivan Colic from The Noun Project