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Zsh Zapack

The basic minimum zsh plugin **loader** :+1:

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zapack license

zapack is basic fast minimum zsh plugin loader :smile:


  • Fast
    • zapack gives basic function only
  • Don't give some functions for managing zsh plugins
    • You don't have to write some line to .zshrc :+1:
    • You can use git-submodule instead
    • (Assume zapack is used in git repository)
      • For example: your dotfiles repository

How to install

  1. cd {your-git-repository}
  2. git submodule add
  3. Define $ZAPACK_REPODIR in your .zshrc or .zprofile
    • Recommend what $ZAPACK_REPODIR is empty directory
  4. Add the line source {zapack-path}/zapack.zsh to your .zshrc

How to use

  2. git submodule add {zsh_plugins}
  3. Restart your zsh
    • zsh_plugins will be loaded by {your-git-repository}/zsh-zapack/