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Tumult is a collection of macOS-specific functions and scripts for your shell environment. It is packaged as a ZSH plugin, but can be used in bash/fish as well.

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Tumult is an oh-my-zsh-compatible plugin that adds macOS-specific functions and scripts to your ZSH environment.

Some of these are mine, and have an Apache 2.0 license, some of them were written by other people and just colllected by me - the authors and licenses are embedded in those scripts.

Tumult will check to see if you're running on macOS and not add aliases or inject its bin into your $PATH if you aren't. This was done to enable you to use the same plugin list in all your environments without polluting your $PATH with incompatible functions and scripts on your non-Apple machines.

You may also find the git-extra-commands collection useful, or my zsh-quickstart-kit


The Tumult collection is Apache 2.0 licensed. Some scripts in the bin directory have different licenses - if so, they have those other license statements embedded inline in their source.

Included scripts

Script Description
720p Resets an application's window to 720p (1280x720) for better screencasting. Doesn't work with apps that don't support window resizing in their AppleScript dictionary. Copied from Derrick Bailey's blog
autocorrect-disable Disable macOS trying to autocorrect your typing.
autocorrect-enable Re-enable macOS trying to autocorrect your typing.
battery-percentage Show the percentage of battery charge
battery-prompt Prints battery status as a string suitable for embedding in a prompt.
battery-time Show the estimated battery life.
change-wallpaper If you have your desktop wallpaper set to rotate through a folder of images at intervals, this will force an immediate switch
charger-wattage Shows the wattage of your charger. Useful for detecting bad USB-C charge cables
chrome-tabs Outputs the URLs for all your open Chrome tabs so you can snapshot them
chrome Force opening a URL with Chrome
clean-clipboard Converts contents of clipboard to plain text.
clean-file-context-menu Zaps extra entries from the file context menu.
clean-xml-clip Clean up the XML on the clipboard
clear-macos-font-cache Clears the macOS font cache, originally from awesome-osx-command-line
column-view Set the current directory to column view in the Finder
diceware-password Generate a random but memorable passphrase using the Diceware Passphrase Algorithm. See
disable-bouncing-dock-icons Disable icons bouncing in your Dock
disable-ftp-server Disable the ftp server on a Mac
disable-network-ds-store-files Disable writing .DS_Store files to network shares
disable-ssh-server Disable the ssh server on a Mac
disable-startup-chime Disable the boot chime
disturb Re-enable notifications in Notification Center
do-not-disturb Stifle notifications in Notification Center
eject-all Eject all removable disks
enable-bouncing-dock-icons Enable icons bouncing in your Dock
enable-ftp-server Enable the ftp server on a Mac
enable-network-ds-store-files Enable writing .DS_Store files to network shares (the default behavior)
enable-ssh-server Enable the ssh server on a Mac
enable-startup-chime Re-enable the boot chime
evernote Create a new Evernote note from stdin or a file
finder-path Show the path to the frontmost finder window
finder-selection Show the paths to all items selected in the Finder, quoted so it copes with spaces in your directory or filenames
firefox Force opening a URL with Firefox
fix-airplay Kick coreaudiod when AirPlay stops responding
focusmode-disable Turn off single-app mode
focusmode-enable Turn on single-app mode
get-iterm2-buffer Gets the current iterm2 window's scrollback contents
get-wifi-password Helper script to print the password for the Wi-Fi network you're connected to.
google Does a google search from the command-line
hide-desktop-icons Hide desktop icons in Finder to have a clean screen for presentations
hide-dotfiles Hide dotfiles in Finder windows to return to Apple default behavior
icon-view Set the current directory to icon view in the Finder
imgcat Display an image directly in your terminal. Only works with iTerm 2
iterm Open a new iTerm 2 session with the argument given
itunesctl Play/Pause iTunes from terminal.
keychainctl CRUD for secrets in your macOS keychain - from AriaFallah's gist
kick-afp Restart file sharing from the CLI. I got tired of having to remote desktop in to kick the fileserver via the GUI every time Apple's file sharing got wedged, now it can be fixed over ssh
kick-screensharing Sometimes screen sharing just hangs on my Mini running 10.11. This is not new to 10.11, it was exhibiting the same annoying behavior on 10.10 and 10.9. The mini is headless and it's a pain in the ass to plug it into the TV just long enough to restart screen sharing, so I wrote this so I can fix it over an ssh connection.
kill-screensaver Kill the screensaver when it locks up
kill-sophos-dead From a slack, but won't name names lest their employer find out they kill sophos. Kill Sophos' useless scanner when it gobbles up all your CPU. People wouldn't hate antivirus software so much on macOS if it restricted itself to using one CPU core.
list-view Set the current directory to column view in the Finder
lockscreen Start the screen saver - this only locks if your System Preferences have been set to lock the screensaver
mac-alert Display a GUI alert with osascript
mac-hibernate Set a Mac to use hibernate mode when sleeping
mac-notification Display a notification using the macOS notification manager with osascript
mac-safesleep Set a Mac to use safesleep mode when sleeping
mac-sleep Set a Mac to use the default sleep mode when sleeping
macos-consoleuser Show user logged into the GUI
macos-dialog Display a GUI dialog with osascript and return the user's input
macos-frontmost-app Shows what application is Frontmost.
manpreview Renders a man page to PDF and opens it in
markdown-open Converts a Markdown file to HTML and opens it in your browser
menubar-dark Set the menubar to be white text on black background
menubar-light Set the menubar to the default black text on white background style
mkdmg Makes a .dmg file from a directory
mkicns Creates an .icns file from an image file
mute Mutes sound
naptime Put the machine to sleep
nitenite Make a Mac go to sleep
pbcurl curl the address in the clipboard. Originally from Ryan Tomayko's dotfiles
pbindent Indent the contents of the clipboard 4 spaces. With -o, write result to standard output instead of to the clipboard. Originally from Ryan Tomayko's dotfiles
pbsed Run sed(1) on the contents of the clipboard and put the result back on the clipboard. All sed options and arguments are supported. Originally from Ryan Tomayko's dotfiles
pbsort Sorts the contents of the clipboard
pledit Convert a plist to XML, run ${EDITOR} on it, then convert it back.
power-source Reports if laptop is running on battery or charger power. Has --emoji and --json options.
pubkey Quick script to load an ssh public key onto your clipboard by name without you having to specify the full path to it.
quicklook Triggers quicklook on files so you can see what they are.
restart-audio This fixes the "no sound" issue that happens occasionally by restarting coreaudiod
safari Force opening a URL with Safari
screen-resolution Display the screen resolution
set-cursor-size Set the macOS cursor's size
set-macos-hostname Set the macOS name of your machine. macOS may be UNIX-based, but the Apple eccentricities mean that no, sudo hostname newname isn't enough if you want the new name to be visible on the network for things like File and Screen sharing.
set-mojave-disk-warning-threshold Mojave now pops up a warning when you're running low on disk space. Unfortunately the threshold they pick triggers a warning every couple of minutes on my MacBook Air. This script lets you set a different number of free gigabytes to warn at.
show-desktop-icons Display desktop icons in Finder
show-dotfiles Display dotfiles in Finder windows
smart-quote-disable Disable smart quote substitution
smart-quote-enable Enable smart quote substitution
speedup-apple-mail Speeds up by vaccuuming the indexes - Originally from
stfu Mutes sound
time-machine-log-viewer Dump the Time Machine logs
time-machine-throttle Restore default Time Machine throttle setting
time-machine-unthrottle Disable throttling Time Machine backups - I am having issues with very slow Time Machine backups to an SMB share. No guarantees that this will not cause other subtle issues.
toggle-finder-show-dotfiles Toggle whether Finder shows dotfiles
unfuck-captive-portal Cope when macOS fails to render the captive portal page for joining a Wi-Fi network by directly opening Apple's captive portal detection page with Safari.
unmute Unmutes sound
unquarantine Unquarantine a file
volume Get/set the system volume
wifi-name Returns the name of the Wi-Fi network you're connected to
wifi Usage: wifi on or wifi off - toggles your Wi-Fi power

Other Useful macOS tools

  • apple-touchbar - ZSH plugin that adds support for the MacBook Pro's touchbar to iTerm2.
  • awesome-osx-command-line documents many ways to manipulate macOS settings and applications from the command-line.
  • bash-snippets - brew-installable set of handy command-line tools.
  • desktoppr - A command-line tool which can read and set the desktop picture.
  • Platypus - Allows you to wrap a script inside a Mac GUI wrapper.
  • sekey - Allows you to use Touch ID / Secure Enclave for SSH Authentication.