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Zsh Yarn Autocompletions

Zsh plugin for Yarn autocompletions.

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Supported yarn commands

  • yarn run
  • yarn remove
  • yarn add
  • yarn why

You can customize the autocompletion of yarn add command. It's configurable.




Please go to the GitHub releases page and download the latest binary files.

Note that you should choose correct file according to your OS.

Add as a Zsh plugin

Unzip the compressed file you downloaded.

For 1.x (or above) users, please run:

$ ./ $ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins

For 0.2 users, please run:


Next please edit your .zshrc file. Add yarn-autocompletions to plugins section.

Like this:

  # ... your other plugins
+ yarn-autocompletions

Restart your terminal.

With a plugin manager


Update your .zshrc file with the following line:

zinit ice atload"zpcdreplay" atclone'./zplug.zsh'
zinit light g-plane/zsh-yarn-autocompletions


Update your .zshrc file with the following line:

zplug "g-plane/zsh-yarn-autocompletions", hook-build:"./zplug.zsh", defer:2

Customize the autocompletion of yarn add command

Since v1.0.0

This plugin support adding your favorite packages name for autocompletion of yarn add and yarn add --dev command.

Adding a configuration file

First, put a new file called .yarn-autocompletions.yml in your home directory.

For example:

$ touch ~/.yarn-autocompletions.yml

This file is in YAML format.

Adding your favorite packages

We assume you want to add vue and react. So you can edit that file like this:

  - vue
  - react

And dev_dependencies:

  - vue-loader
  - parcel-bundler

Excluding some packages

In fact, this plugin has some builtin packages autocompletion which can provide out-of-the-box experience, such as vue or react.

However you don't like those builtin packages.

So you can add it to exclude section:

  - react

Now you won't see react in autocompletion.

All sections are optional

Now the whole configuration file looks like:

  - vue
  - react
  - vue-loader
  - parcel-bundler
  - react

Keep in mind that any sections are optional.

Build from source

Make sure that you've installed rustup first and use rustup to install Rust.

Next, follow the steps below:

git clone
cd zsh-yarn-autocompletions
cargo build --release
mkdir -p $ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins/yarn-autocompletions
cp ./yarn-autocompletions.plugin.zsh $ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins/yarn-autocompletions/
cp ./target/release/yarn-autocompletions $ZSH_CUSTOM/plugins/yarn-autocompletions/

Then, edit your .zshrc like this:

  # ... your other plugins
+ yarn-autocompletions

Restart your terminal.


Any contributions are welcome.


MIT License

Copyright (c) 2018-present Pig Fang