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Zsh Haskell

ghc and cabal completion for zsh shell

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ZSH shell plugin for Haskell

  • completion for ghc options
  • completion for cabal commands; it can expands cabal components (libraries, tests, benchmarks and executables) and pkgs specs. It also complets options of cabal commands and package names (e.g. cabal info or cabal install)
  • completion for ghc-pkgs commands & options


The completion script will find and inspect all cabal files under current directory which are not deeper than four directories away. It does not descent under dist-newstye, dist, .stack-work or .git directories.

Completion for the following package specs is supported:

  • component-name - it can be either a component name or a package name
  • package-name:{lib,test,exe,bench}:component-name
  • package-name:{libs,tests,exes,benches}
  • pkg:package-name:{lib,test,exe,bench}:component-name.
  • pkg:package-name:{libs,tests,exes,benches}.
  • lib:component-name,
  • exec:component-name,
  • bench:component-name,
  • test:component-name

The last six are only triggered when pkg:, lib:, exec:, bench: or test: are given explicitly. This is in order to avoid providing too many completion results.


zstyle ":completion::complete:cabal::options:" depth 4

Maximan directory depth for searching for *.cabal files.

zstyle ":completion::complete:cabal::options:" 
zstyle ":completion::complete:cabal::options:" packages-tmp-file "/tmp/zsh-haskell-cabal-packages"

File which stores list of package names. It will be created on demenad (e.g. by completiting cabal info or cabal install, etc.).