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Zsh Cargo Completion

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cargo add rand <tab>

This plugin has all functionality of OMZ cargo completion but it also allows cargo add/install <tab> to complete remote crates from output of cargo search.

It also adds several cargo aliases.

alias co=cargo
alias cr='cargo run'
alias cl='cargo clean'
alias ccy='cargo clippy'
alias cb='cargo build --release'
alias ct='cargo test'
alias ca='cargo add'
alias ci='cargo install'
alias cfi='cargo fix'
alias cf='cargo fmt'
alias cfe='cargo fetch'
alias cpa='cargo package'
alias cs='cargo search'

Install for Zinit


source "$HOME/.zinit/bin/zinit.zsh"
zinit ice lucid nocompile
zinit load MenkeTechnologies/zsh-cargo-completion

Install for Oh My Zsh

cd "$HOME/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins"  && git clone

Add zsh-cargo-completion to plugins array in ~/.zshrc

General Install

git clone

source zsh-cargo-completion.plugin.zsh or add code to zshrc or any startup script