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Mx Honey

Sweet (zsh) completions for mx

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mx plugin

Provides handy completions for mx as well as some aliases for common mx commands.
mx is (more than just) the build tool used by the GraalVM project.


git clone --depth 1 ${ZSH_CUSTOM:=$HOME/.oh-my-zsh/custom}/plugins/mx

To use it, add mx to the plugins in your ~/.zshrc file:

plugins(... mx)


Alias Command Description
mxb mx build Build the artifacts of one or more dependencies.
mxbe mx benchmark Run a benchmark suite.
mxcl mx clean Remove all .class files, images, and executables.
mxcs mx checkstyle Run Checkstyle on the Java sources.
mxf mx eclipseformat Run the Eclipse Code Formatter on the Java sources.
mxu mx unittest Run JUnit tests.
mxdu mx -d unittest Run JUnit tests in debug mode.
mxupd mx update Update mx to the latest version.


  • [X] mx aliases
  • [X] mx global-options
  • [X] Common sub-command completion
  • [X] mx benchmark completion with support for dynamic imports (--dy)