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Kafka Zsh Completions

ZSH plugin to have Kafka automatic completion for most CLI tools

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Kafka ZSH completion

This projects aims at developing Kafka completion scripts. The scripts may be contributed to another project when stable enough.


To start using the Kafka autocompletion just download the repository locally and source kafka.plugin.zsh

Supported completion

  • kafka-topics
  • kafka-acls
  • kafka-configs
  • kafka-console-producer
  • kafka-console-consumer
  • kafka-consumer-perf-test
  • kafka-producer-perf-test
  • kafka-avro-console-consumer
  • kafka-avro-console-producer
  • kafka-broker-api-versions
  • kafka-consumer-groups
  • kafka-delegation-tokens
  • kafka-dump-log
  • kafka-log-dirs
  • kafka-verifiable-consumer
  • kafka-verifiable-producer
  • kafka-streams-application-reset
  • kafka-mirror-maker
  • kafka-delete-records
  • replicator


  • The source of information used for the completion is gathered from the usage of the CLI tool.
  • This script relies on Apache Kafka Confluent distribution (either Open Source or Enterprise)
  • To avoid reloading and parsing all the information and each shell, a first script kafka.plugin.zsh.generator is actually gathering all the information on the local machine and generating the kafka.plugin.zsh auto-completion file with hardcoded information.