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Codeception Zsh Plugin

A oh-my-zsh plugin for codeception command completion.

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codeception-zsh-plugin is a zsh plugin for Codeception Testing Framework. This plugin can be install into oh-my-zsh custom plugin folder.


Installation for oh-my-zsh

  1. In the command line, change to oh-my-zsh plugins directory:

    $ take ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins
  2. Clone the repository into a new directory called codeception:

    git clone codeception
  3. Include codeception plugin to your .zshrc file along with other plugins:

    plugins=(osx brew git laravel codeception)
  4. Restart your terminal application.

TODO & Bugs

  • --config disappear when typing --
  • smarter way to complete options

Additional information

Inspired by and based on:

Tutorials about how to write your own completion functions:


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