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Berkshelf Zsh Plugin

A oh-my-zsh plugin for berkshelf command completion.

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berkshelf-zsh-plugin is a zsh plugin for Berkshelf. This plugin can be installed into your oh-my-zsh custom plugin folder.



This software project is no longer under active development as it has no active maintainers. The software may continue to work for some or all use cases, but issues filed in GitHub will most likely not be triaged. If a new maintainer is interested in working on this project please come chat with us in #chef-dev on Chef Community Slack.


Installation for antigen users

Use Antigen's bundle command - add antigen bundle berkshelf/berkshelf-zsh-plugin to your .zshrc along with your other antigen plugins

Installation for oh-my-zsh users

  1. In the command line, change to oh-my-zsh plugins directory:

    $ take ~/.oh-my-zsh/custom/plugins
  2. Clone the repository into a new directory called berkshelf:

    git clone berkshelf
  3. Include berkshelf plugin to your .zshrc file along with other plugins:

    plugins=(brew git laravel codeception berkshelf)
  4. Restart your terminal application.


  • Make options completion.

Additional information

This plugin is currently maintained by Shengyou Fan. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.