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Zsh Dircolors Solarized

Solarized dircolors plugin for zsh

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Solarized dircolors plugin for zsh.


This plugin offers two commands:

  • lssolarized which lists the available solarized themes. For now there are:

    • dircolors.ansi-universal (universal theme for 16- and 256-color terminals)
    • dircolors.ansi-dark (optimized version of universal for dark background)
    • dircolors.ansi-light (optimized version of universal for light background)
    • dircolors.256dark (degraded solarized dark theme)
  • setupsolarized which installs a theme and saves the current configuration to the configuration file ($HOME/.zsh-dircolors.config by default). Without any argument, setupsolarized will use the theme dircolors.ansi-universal.

setupsolarized must be run at least once in order to create the configuration file. After doing so, the plugin will automatically load your configuration each time a zsh session is started.