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Kube Color

Simplify and colorize the output of kubectl get events -w

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Kubecolor is a bash function that colorizes the output of kubectl get events -w.


Bash / Fish / Manual

If you're using Bash or Fish:

mkdir ~/.kubecolor
cd $_
git clone 
echo "source ~/.kubecolor/kubecolor/kubecolor.bash" >> ~/.bash_profile # (or ~/.bashrc)
source ~/.bash_profile # (or ~/.bashrc)


If you're using Antigen:

  1. Add antigen bundle droctothorpe/kubecolor.git to your .zshrc where you've listed your other plugins.
  2. Close and reopen your Terminal/iTerm window to refresh context and use the plugin. Alternatively, you can run antigen bundle droctothorpe/kubecolor.git in a running shell to have antigen load the new plugin.


If you're using zgen:

  1. Add zgen load droctothorpe/kubecolor.git to your .zshrc along with your other zgen load commands.
  2. zgen reset && zgen save


Now you can invoke kubecolor with the events command.

Enjoy the simpler, much more readable kubectl get events output.

Kudos to Francois-Guillaume Ribreau for the go-template code.