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Zsh Aliases Exa

zsh plugin adding aliases for the exa command-line tool

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This zsh plugin enables a number of aliases extending exa, the modern replacement for ls.


# general use
alias ls='exa'                                                          # ls
alias l='exa -lbF --git'                                                # list, size, type, git
alias ll='exa -lbGF --git'                                             # long list
alias llm='exa -lbGd --git --sort=modified'                            # long list, modified date sort
alias la='exa -lbhHigUmuSa --time-style=long-iso --git --color-scale'  # all list
alias lx='exa -lbhHigUmuSa@ --time-style=long-iso --git --color-scale' # all + extended list

# specialty views
alias lS='exa -1'                                                              # one column, just names
alias lt='exa --tree --level=2'                                         # tree

Note: the -d option removes the display of files, filtering it to only show directories. I cannot identify a time when I want that, so I have not included it.

Next Steps

  • Add in zshrc options to configure options
  1. color
  2. date format
  3. alias profiles
  4. including git column
  • Create function to configure different profiles of aliases, so that different alias groups can be enabled. For example, one profile may be for replacing ls, another may leave those commands alone and use ones based on exa only.


Big thanks to Oh My Zsh, Homebrew, and Exa for these terrific tools. They have made the command line fun again.