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fd aliases zsh plugin

zsh plugin addind aliases for fd, a modern replacement for find.

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fd-zsh Plugin

fd aliases plugin for zsh.

This plugin defines useful aliases that can be used for fd the moden alternative of find.


This plugin is written with MacOS in mind. but it should work on any unix based OS.

  1. First, Install exa
brew install fd
  1. Install the plugin from fig store


This project contain some useful aliasses that you can run in your terminal that zsh supported like ITerm2.

You can type in the alias in your terminal. This is a list of available aliasses.

Alias Command Help
fd fd --color always Always colorize output by default
fd_details fd --list-details list details
fd_ext fd --extension Filter by file extension, insert after this command
fd_name fd --glob Filter by file name (default: regular expression)
fd_case fd --ignore-case Search hidden files and directories
fd_abs fd --absolute-path Show absolute instead of relative paths
fd_exec fd --exec Execute command for each search result
fd_execlude fd --exclude Exclude files and directories that match the given glob pattern
fd_size fd --size SFilter by file size (insert after this command)
fd_owner fd --owner Filter by file owner (insert after this command)
fd_symbolic fd --follow Follow symbolic links
fd_version fd --version Show version information
fd_help fd --help Show help message