zig [files]

Zig is a general-purpose programming language and toolchain for maintaining robust, optimal, and reusable software




buildBuild project from build.zig
init-exeInitializes a `zig build` project in the current working directory
init-libInitializes a `zig build` project in the current working directory
ast-checkGiven a .zig source file, reports any compile errors that can be ascertained on the basis of the source code alone, without target information or type checking. If [file] is omitted, stdin is used.
build-exeCreate executable from source or object files
build-libCreate library from source or object files
build-objCreate library from source or object files
fmtReformat Zig source into canonical form
runCreate executable and run immediately
testCreate and run a test build
translate-cConvert C code to Zig code
arLLVM Archiver
ccUse Zig as a drop-in C compiler
c++Use Zig as a drop-in C++ compiler
dll-toolLLVM dll tool
libUse Zig as a drop-in lib.exe
ranlibLLVM Ranlib : This program generates an index to speed access to archives
envPrint lib path, std path, cache directory, and version
helpPrint help and exit
libcDetect the native libc installation and print the resulting paths to stdout
targetsList available compilation targets
versionPrint version number and exit
zenPrint Zen of Zig and exit


-h, --helpPrint help and exit