Wrangler CLI for Cloudflare Workers


generateGenerate a new worker project
kv:namespaceInteract with your Workers KV Namespaces
kv:keyIndividually manage Workers KV key-value
kv:bulkInteract with multiple Workers KV key-value pairs at once
routeList or delete worker routes
secretGenerate a secret that can be referenced in the worker script
initCreate a wrangler.toml for an existing project
buildBuild your worker
previewPreview your code temporarily on cloudflareworkers.com
devStart a local server for developing your worker
publishPublish your worker to the orange cloud
configAuthenticate Wrangler with a Cloudflare API Token or Global API Key
subdomainConfigure your workers.dev subdomain
whoamiRetrieve your user info and test your auth config
tailAggregate logs from production worker
loginAuthenticate Wrangler with your Cloudflare username and password
reportReport an error caught by Wrangler to Cloudflare
helpPrints this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)


-h, --helpPrints help information
--verboseToggle verbose output (when applicable)
-V, --versionPrints version information