wasm-bindgen <command>

Generate bindings between WebAssembly and JavaScript


commandFile name to output the compiled binary bindings


--help,-hShow help for wasm-bindgen
--version,-vShow version for wasm-bindgen
--out-dir <command>Output directory
--out-name <command>Set a custom output filename (Without extension. Defaults to crate name)
--target <command>What type of output to generate
--no-modules-global <command>Name of global to assign generated bindings to
--browserHint that JS should only be compatible with a browser
--typescriptOutput a TypeScript definition file (on by default)
--no-typescriptDon't emit a *.d.ts file
--omit-importsDon't emit imports in generated JavaScript
--debugInclude otherwise-extraneous debug checks in output
--no-demangleDon't demangle Rust symbol names
--keep-debugKeep debug sections in wasm files
--remove-name-sectionRemove the debugging `name` section of the file
--remove-producers-sectionRemove the telemetry `producers` section
--omit-default-module-pathDon't add WebAssembly fallback imports in generated JavaScript
--encode-into <command>Whether or not to use TextEncoder#encodeInto()
--nodejsDeprecated, use `--target nodejs`
--webDeprecated, use `--target web`
--no-modulesDeprecated, use `--target no-modules`
--weak-refsEnable usage of the JS weak references proposal
--reference-typesEnable usage of WebAssembly reference types