Official command line interface for the Vultr API


accountRetrieve information about your account
apps, aDisplay all available applications
backupsDisplay backups
bare-metal, bmBare-metal is used to access bare metal server commands
block-storageBlock storage commands
completionGenerate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
dnsDns is used to access dns commands
firewall, fwFirewall is used to access firewall commands
helpHelp about any command
instanceCommands to interact with instances on vultr
isoIso is used to access iso commands
kubernetes, kKubernetes is used to access kubernetes commands
load-balancer, lbLoad balancer commands
networkNetwork interacts with network actions
object-storageObject storage commands
osOs is used to access os commands
plans, pGet information about Vultr plans
regionsGet regions
reserved-ip, ripReserved-ip lets you interact with reserved-ip
script, ssStartup script commands
snapshot, snSnapshot commands
ssh-key, sshSsh-key commands
user, uUser commands
versionDisplay current version of Vultr-cli